Fashion on Film – Inspiring Your Next Perth Shopping Spree

Fashion on Film – Inspiring Your Next Perth Shopping Spree

You guys, I might be mad but I’m about to let you in on some very private information. I’m going to give you a look into my Netflix ‘Recently Watched During Isolation’ list. *Gasps & clutches pearls*

Only after I began researching this blog post did I realise that I am basically showing you my soul by openly writing about what I stream in the privacy of my own home – but hey, the things I’m willing to do in the name of fashion! So here goes…

Movies have been influencing fashion for as long as I can remember. Creativity inspires creativity. So it’s no surprise that we can often see versions of items from recent cinematic hits creep onto the shelves of clothing stores within a couple of months. Now it doesn’t always happen that way around – sometimes a wardrobe department can be completely inspired by a line that has either recently been created by a fashion house, or even by vintage pieces that never go out of style. My picks from my recent watch list have a mixture of the lot, and once I get a piece into my head I tend not to stop until its hanging in my wardrobe. So I’ve done the hard work for you and sourced where you can get your hands on some Blockbuster inspired fashion right here in Perth.


I loved this film. All the fashion, all the girl power, and some serious talent. While I could choose 20 outfits I’d love to recreate from this film, here are the two most iconic that I still can’t get out of my head.

Cate Blanchette’s Sequin Jumpsuit


Sandra Bullock’s Effortless Trench Coat


Well it would be rude not to dive into the world of Diane Von Furstenberg in this blog post. The woman is an icon. Here’s a very small selection from my list of favourite featured pieces

Sarah Jessica Parker’s Abu Dhabi Coral Maxi dress

Kristen Davis’ Pink Peplum Set


Kim Catrall’s Epic Sun Hat



Thoughts on this movie aside, you can not fail to be blown away by the tailored fashion that adorns Blake Lively in every scene. Pure goals. Note to self – wear pant suits everywhere from now on.

Blake Lively’s Vintage Ralph Lauren Pant suits



I feel like anything you put on Margot Robbie is going to go down well. How someone can make a flipping t-shirt look this good is beyond me, and yet here I am adding to cart because if it looks that good on her… one can only hope.

Margot Robbie’s Monochrome Outfit



You must know what’s coming. It is of course the iconic Penny Lane jacket. I have dreamed of this jacket for years – I’ve even come across one a couple of times and for whatever reason talked myself out of it, and now I kick myself.

Kate Hudson’s Suede Jacket



If you haven’t seen this masterpiece, run don’t walk to your sofa and amend that. This isn’t a movie review article but If I can convince you to watch one of these films, it would be this one. Guy Ritchie can do no wrong.

Michelle Dockery’s Balmain Blazer



A wild one I know. Why on earth would I be sending you out to recreate looks from the 1860’s? Bare with me – this is not a full outfit situation. But would you look at this cape! So stunning and unique, plus I’m a sucker for bold key piece that makes you stand out.

Saoirse Ronan’s Red Cape



Oh the trends that spilled out into our stores after this movie came out! Not something I was mad about as I absolutely adore 70s fashion – give me a flared jean and a few ruffles any day!

Lily James’ Denim Overalls



How could I not watch this again (and again and again) while in iso? I can’t get you Lady Gaga’s voice but I can get you her pants, so that’s half way there right?

Lady Gaga’s Leopard Print Jeans



You might have noticed, that co-ords are back. Cute little linen sets in summer started it and here we are in winter with the returning trend showing no signs of disappearing. Let Cher Horowitz inspire a matching moment for you..

Alicia Silverstone’s Matching Co-ords

Get matching with this pretty little set from SABA.

Now you know our favourites from the movies, comment below with your movie inspo.