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Tina Says Presents Body Control: The Red Zone

July 9 @ 7:00 pm - July 10 @ 7:00 pm AWST

BODY CONTROL has emerged from the depths of unique streaming/ video mix parties to enter the doors of the club world! From popular request to involve the public, the decision has been made to present our very first Red Zone party.

After steadily rising through the ranks of the Australian electronic music scene over the past few years, WA-based producer/DJ Tina Says is ready to Elevate to a whole new level in 2021 and beyond.Having cut her teeth on any Perth-based club dancefloor worth a damn since 2015, the past couple of years have seen the young artist truly begin to flex her production prowess, and the rising popularity of her latest release of music is testament to that.

Since the release of ‘Elevate’ with her label fam Tinted Imprint, the track has been racking up streams and radio play around the world, and after being handpicked by Fisher himself for his upcoming Australian tour, the sun-drenched sky is the limit.

2020 had seen her supporting dance music icon Fatboy Slim, along with being announced on WA’s massive Castaway lineup, supporting What So Not, Golden Features and Slumberjack. Starting 2021 Tina headlined a sold out New Years Day party with what is a demonstration of what 2021 has installed for her.Tina Says proves her talent for composing powerful electronic tracks with the delivery ‘Limbo’. Showing evolution and refinement in her production, the Perth artist uses a nuanced acid synth pattern and wobbling bass to create moody undertones and a late-night feel. For the new record, she further explores working with vocals, teaming up with jazz and R&B singer, songwriter Jeremy Beamish whose captivating, soulful voice further amplifies the dark and gritty qualities in her production.

It comes as no surprise really, with Tina Says carefully honing first her ability to control bodies on the dancefloor through energetic and commanding DJ sets, including her intimate, self-curated Body Control mix and livestreamed series. With a signature sound that lends itself towards darker, industrial tech and house, when Tina Says move, you’ve truly got no choice but to dance.


Venue Name: The Rechabite
Address: 224 William St
Perth, Western Australia 6000 Australia


Email address of event organiser rsvsp@lauramoseley.com.au
Event Organiser Name Laura Moseley