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Rise & Shine. Half-day retreat. Breathe. Create. Discover.

November 28 @ 10:00 am - 3:00 pm

rise & shine.
You are invited into this nurturing safe space where you can learn the art and science of healing and awakening- important knowledge needed to RISE above your self imposed limitations and to SHINE your unique, vibrant light!
Join our experts for a half day of breath-work, creativity, inner connection, mindset coaching and intention setting.
This beautiful women’s workshop aims to teach how to create resilience, deepen self love, increase personal empowerment and the importance of honouring your true self, inside and out.

Together let’s-


Come along, just as you are, wherever you are at, and be supported. This is a sacred time for YOU. Because you deserve it. This can be the time you begin to take practical, heart aligned steps in your life to create the changes you want.

What’s involved;

Grounding exercises and Breath-work.
Discourse on the 4 stages of a women’s cycle, including the science of hormones and self care.
Creative Art Therapy exercise, chalk pastels on card, to help stimulate your natural body wisdom. (Absolutely no “talent” required)
Practical Mindset & Intentional exercises that you will be guided through, to take home ready for real life implementation.
Circadian Rhythm & Sleep hygiene discussion and advice, also with practical handouts to take home.
Nutritional meal and exercise planning to match your cycle, designed to work with your body in a nourishing way.
A beautiful, safe and relaxing space that encourages you to drop into your Divine Feminine, softening ready for healing and change.
Take home gifts
A sweet little folder to keep all of your valuable notes from the day
A PDF version of the remarkable book ‘Your Spark Is Light, The Quantum Mechanics of Human Creation’ by American Author Dr. Courtney Hunt.
In contribution of this beautiful gift – $10 from every ticket sold will be donated to The Children of The Night – A frontline organisation working to assist women and children who have been sex trafficked.

*Food and snacks will be provided on the day to replenish your energy in a therapeutic way – please advise of any dietary requirements*

How the Day Will Flow;

We will begin with a grounding exercise to help you settle into the space and yourself, ready to soften into openness for the adventure of self exploration.
Chloe Power, our Women’s Circle Facilitator & Womb Healing Practitioner will then lead a discussion on the four stages of the female cycle, the science of our hormones. Chloe will also touch on menopause and self care. Then she will lead a short group womb healing session.

After a nourishing break, Angie Cooper, our Art Therapist will lead a simple creative exploration to encourage communication and balance between our body, heart and mind. You will learn how anyone, at any time can engage in Art Therapy, a wonderful modality for expressing and releasing emotion in a gentle way.

You’ll then work with Molecular Biologist & one of Perth’s Leading Health & Nutrition Coaches, Tracey Soltys to set realistic and practical goals by setting mindful intentions. Tracey will also share her immense knowledge of the benefits of sleep hygiene, how to work with your circadian rhythm and how to plan nutritious meals to nourish your body in a way that connects your body, mind and soul.

Our day will end with a final circle, held by Chloe, to breathe in, embody and empower our new intentions.

What to bring;

a journal and pen
water bottle
cushions and blankets to make you extra comfy
At the venue – parking is available – please check signage.

DISCLAIMER: The information, views and opinions expressed during this workshop should not be used or treated as a substitute for nutritional, medical, psychological or other advice by a qualified health professional. Tracey Soltys, Angie Cooper and Chloe Power express their own opinions, experiences and conclusions and nothing in this workshop should be used to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any medical condition.
The workshop is not intended to replace any medical or mental health treatment.
All information and advice provided is for general wellbeing and does not take individual cases into consideration.
Neither Tracey Soltys, Angie Cooper or Chloe Power endorse the opinions, views or conclusions expressed or shared in this workshop.
Tracey Soltys, Angie Cooper nor Chloe Power take responsibility for any symptoms or consequences as a direct or indirect result of this workshop.


Old Tower House
115 Francis St
Northbridge, WA 6003


Tracey Soltys
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