2024 NEW YEAR SUNSET RETREATsun14jan3:00 pmsun8:00 pm3:00 pm - 8:00 pm(GMT+08:00) City Beach Foreshore

Event Details

LET GO of 2023 and step into a totally new embodied energy for 2024. 


Every single detail of this event has been carefully curated to create the experience you need the most. 



2023 was a LOT for you. 

You were met with unexpected challenges and you got to witness new parts of yourself.

And now you’re aware that there is so much you’re finally ready to let go of.


You can sense a new version of yourself emerging.

But you’re unsure of how to connect with her fully and bring her all the way through


This is your invitation to meet her, to know her intimately, align with her and live in her energy every,




She is you. 

She is your greatest potential 

She is the truth of who you are

She is soft, open and she is fucking powerful. 


She’s already here, waiting.

Are you ready to meet her?



The Retreat:


You arrive full of butterflies, are you nervous or excited? 

You can’t tell!


From the ocean, you enter the most breathtaking venue and you’re greeted with so much warmth, instantly you feel at home. A moment you’ll remember forever. 


You’re exactly where you’re supposed to be, the sun is on your face, the scent of salt in the air, unconditional love embracing your heart as you know you’re fully held in this space. 


It’s time to explore and play with what 2024 could look like for you, in your purest form of self expression, there are no rules or limitations.


Completely fucking free to create a life just for you. 


You’re fully nourished and held as you breathe out and release anything that’s in your way of having that life and then, you’re breathing in what you’re now choosing to allow for yourself. 


We’ll eat the most delicious, soul nourishing, inner child healing food you’ve ever experienced.


The moment has arrived to make a choice. 

A choice to really let go so you can leave your past self where she belongs,  

in the past. 


It’s done now, 

then you’ll step into, 

you’ll honor, 

you’ll choose and you’ll commit to the woman you most want to be. 


The woman you already, truly are. 


To end you’ll grab your towel and launch yourself into the ocean to signify your rebirth. 


You’ll leave so full of gratitude for your past self for giving yourself this truly precious gift. 



We can’t wait to welcome you in January.


Tickets include: All the answers lie within journal, tasty refreshments/light dinner, 5 hour workshop a 60 minute Pranayama breathwork journey



January 14, 2024 3:00 pm - 8:00 pm(GMT+08:00)


City Beach Foreshore

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