Zero Waste has never tasted so good! – Ethos Deli + Dining room

Zero Waste has never tasted so good! – Ethos Deli + Dining room

Ethos Deli + Dining room, is the latest addition to the beautiful Freo Foodie community and is set to change the scene and we couldn’t be happier.

Located in George Street East Fremantle, Ethos Deli + Dining room will be a new Perth fave. Why will you love it? It is a zero-waste establishment.

What makes Ethos so special isn’t just the beautiful decor and wondrous food. No, that is of course what will bring you to the venue, but what will keep you coming back is the passion from creators, Melissa Palinkas and Susan Whelan. Melissa and Susan are the faces behind Perth fave, Young George, and are using their knowledge and influence to make a sustainable difference in their industry.

The premise is extremely straight forward; delicious food with sustainable plating and packaging. There is no waste from the food used at Ethos. All leftovers from peels are kept and used for other creations such as Apple Peel cocktails or pickled vegetables. It is inventive, creative and something that we have all been craving.

The philosophy does not just stop at the food. All wines on their menu are locally sourced and range from minimal intervention wines to natural or organic wines.

Ethos is 98% plastic-free, meaning that they use biodegradable and compostable alternatives such as rice or corn packaging. All glass handled is recycled and then reused for other things such as their soft drinks. All produce at Ethos is sourced within Western Australia, and all providers have similar values to what Ethos does when it comes to sustainability.

We were invited to test drive the Ethos menu upon opening and it was one experience we will not forget any time soon!

Our favourite thing on the menu was the Lamb Tartare, the Lamb came from Allington Family Farm and was combined with beetroot, dill and shallots. They also made a tuile from beetroot juice, puffed buckwheat and house-made creme fraiche. There were so many different flavours and textures on the plate but they came together so well to make a beautiful dish!

Lamb Tartare


Ethos is an amazing Establishment pushing for a better future.

Reflecting on the food we tried, there were many meat cuts and vegetables I had never tried, nor would I usually order. I was surprised and delighted that Ethos took those flavours and textures and turned them into incredible dishes. Our recommendation is if you are heading in to try Ethos that you go hungry and ready with an open mind. Try something out of your comfort zone – trust us!

Melissa and Susan have done an amazing job at making their European and American dream come to Fremantle. When walking through the doors, you sense not only their strong passion and values but their love and appreciation for this world. And who doesn’t want to experience a little more of that.


Ethos Deli + Dining room
88 George Street East Fremantle

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