It’s finally here! A cruelty free, natural, Locally made deodorant.

If you relate to any of the below, ELIA Balms & Blends, and this is the blog, are perfect for you.

1- You work out regularly and often sweat.

2- You work out regularly but don’t like using antiperspirant spray.

3- You are the parent of a teenager.

4- You look for natural products that work and are locally owned.

5- You wear deodorant.

Still have you with me? Then let me tell you about an amazing local Perth business – ELIA Balms & Blends.

ELIA Balms & Blends were put onto the Perth Happenings radar when we asked our followers to nominate local businesses they thought deserved promotion and ELIA was one of our lucky winners. To be honest, I could not be happier they were!

They key reasons I love ELIA is they are –

  • Proudly hand made in WA
  • Cruelty Free
  • Use all natural ingredients
  • No synthetic fragrance – lightly scented with 100% essential oils
  • Products have no Aluminium, Parabens or other nasties.

I know you’re all thinking… That’s great but does that deodorant actually work, because Sweaty Betty is not my fave.

Let me tell you a story to answer!

I am the proud parent of teenage boys. If you’re also a parent of a teenager (especially boys), you will know why I was loving trying the ELIA Balms & Blends options – it is certainly a teenage thing. Unfortunately I have an allergy to lavender so could not trial these myself, but I was VERY happy to have my boy as a guinea pig.

Activated Charcoal Deodorant. Image- ELIA Balms & Blends

We chose the Activated Charcoal deodorant for him. None of the deodorants are specifically male or female marketed (which we LOVE!), but this one had a black container and to quote the ELIA website – “This ultra-effective natural deodorant is a powerful twist on our Pure blend that takes it to a new level, providing active people the superior protection needed.” My son is very active and thankfully for me was happy to put away the Lynx Africa for a week and try something new.

With these products you only need a pea size amount scooped with the spatula. It really is a tiny amount, and given we tried in winter, it is important to note that the product can go a little hard, but you simply warm up with your hands. My very apprehensive boy scooped it out, inspected for ANY hint of a feminine smell and then followed the instructions, being careful to wait for the product to soak into his skin to not go on his uniform.

We then had a lovely breakfast together, with so much conversation (another one of those ‘in jokes’ for the parents), had a hug and then we went our separate ways – him to school and me to work.

As no word of lie, my boy came home after a day of Phys. Ed and sport and said to me – “Hey Mum, this actually works. Smell me!” I won’t lie, this is not something I often do voluntarily, but in the name of a good, well researched blog feature I did just that. He was right! He did not smell like a teenage boy. In fact he didn’t smell like anything. I really valued that because it is important to me that I keep as much natural with my children as possible, but still providing them with quality. I often find fragranced products leave a powdery smell. He loved the products so much that he has used them again. Multiple times. He even has a small container in his bag in case of emergency.

Humour aside, I have suggested the ELIA deodorants to many of my friends. We are all looking for products that lack the nasties to put on our skin. Many of us are looking for cruelty free products and realistically, none of us want to smell.

There are 4 varieties, catered to all our needs – Activated, Pure, Conscious and Abundance. All with individual attributes and smells. Additionally, you can also find beautiful lip balms in the ELIA Balms & Blends range too.

If you’re thinking I need these STAT, you can find ELIA Balms & Blends at various markets around town or on their website here.

At only $5.95 per pot that will last you ages, the value is there too.

Let us know in the comments below if you too have tried ELIA products before and which is your favourite!

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