A New Autumn Menu You Won’t Want to Miss!

A New Autumn Menu You Won’t Want to Miss!

by Anastasia Antrobus

15 minutes west of Perth’s CBD lies one of West Australia’s finest coastal restaurants. With views to die for, especially the stunning summer sunsets, Odyssea City Beach encourages everyone (families, friends, couples) to visit the seaside restaurant to indulge in some exquisite West Australian produce. With highly enjoyable and cleverly created cocktails, efficient customer service and a strong focus on serving a Modern Australian seasonal menu that’s full of flavour and exceptionally fresh, Odyssea is a restaurant you will easily fall in love with and want to visit repeatedly.

Odyssea City Beach Cocktails

Odyssea City Beach Cocktails

Launching their NEW autumn menu’s this upcoming week (Thursday 12th and Friday 13th of March), I was lucky enough to try some of the remarkable items that you will see on these new menu’s.

NEW Autumn Menu Teasers:

savoy cabbage pomegranate, micro celery

spice baked, Manjimup fig, nigella roasted carrot,
cress, orange, smoked almond brittle

Bookara, grilled, tomato, fennel, avocado,
freekeh salad

Linley Valley, crispy fried, master stock,
compressed melon, caramelised sherry vinegar

mussels, clams, prawn, puy lentils, tomato,
sea asparagus, shitake mushroom, coconut broth


Old Young’s Pavlova vodka, Cherry Brandy, Lemon butter cordial, Lemon Bitter, Orange Foam

Lychee Puree, Passionfruit, Coconut Cream, Mango Liquor, Spiced Rum, Pomegranate Seeds, Coconut Foam

Appleton Rum infused with Pineapple, Ginger Beer, Mint, Galliano Vanilla, Fresh Ginger, Angostura, Lime

Odyssea City Beach Cocktails

Sitting witness to the most PERFECT sunset sipping on a cocktail that tasted exactly like a pavlova in liquid form, it was easy to see why Odyssea City Beach is a favourite by many. With exceptional customer service by Tanya, Mel and Beverage Manager Riccardo, who knew both the beverage and evening menu’s in great detail, they had the kind of service you want from wait staff; attentive, professional and friendly. The new autumn menu brought bursts of flavour by the plenty with the menu items being surprisingly tasty! Why surprisingly you may ask, well, if you asked me honestly, 3 out of 5 of the dishes, I wouldn’t have normally ordered but I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed them.


Creamy with a hint of sweet, the ‘Cauliflower Textures’ was a dish that wouldn’t normally trigger my mind as something I would order but it was a light dish that I would happily order again. It felt like a meal that could be quite easily enjoyed in the cooler autumn weather to come, with a beautiful glass of red wine watching a gorgeous burnt orange sunset. Sounds lovely really doesn’t it? A highlight of the menu tasting, this vegetarian dish is one that I am sure the people of Perth will love when it’s launched.


Odyssea City Beach Autumn Menu

Ricotta isn’t normally a food item that I would think can be eaten in a large proportion, but I stood corrected when this second item of the tasting was put in front of me. Tangy yet fluffy the ‘ricotta’ dish was a mix of fresh complimenting produce that made for a delightful menu item. Perfect as an entrée or side, I loved the balance of this dish with the Manjimup fig showcasing just how fresh our West Australian goods are. Now, not one to normally be a massive fan of ‘haloumi’, I found this dish quite appetising. Tasty and easy to eat, I cleaned my plate of this dish in no time! I was honestly surprised by how much I loved these three dishes and was excited for what was to come. Let me tell you… I was not disappointed!


Not one to ever be disappointed by a pork dish, Odyssea’snew ‘pork belly’ menu item will honestly have your mouth watering! It is as visually appealing as it is flavoursome. You know those moments where you nod to your company in agreement when you eat something that just tastes like joy? Yep, that was this dish. Falling apart at the touch of a fork, the pork belly was succulent and 100% tasteful which is exactly what you want from a beautifully cooked pork belly dish (kudo’s ‘Odyssea’ chefs). A satisfying finish with the addition of the compressed watermelon, I highly enjoyed this meal and recommend it indefinitely if you’re visiting Odyssea City Beach this autumn season.



Last but not least was the final tasting menu item, the ‘Shellfish.’ With the seafood coming from our own beautiful coastline, the freshness was easy to pick with perfectly cooked prawns, mussels and clams. I may be bias because I love our coast and seafood, but this dish was also a highlight of the evening for me. A well created bowl of strong flavours thanks to the combination of puy lentils, tomato, sea asparagus, shitake mushroom and coconut broth this dish was a very satisfying way to finish Odyssea’s autumn tasting menu.

With beautiful ocean views, a team of hard-working welcoming staff, scrumptious cocktails and luscious menu items, it is easy to see why countless people visit ‘Odyssea’ daily and after tasting their new autumn menu I have no doubt that, that will continue.


Launching this week, their new autumn menu is one of vast flavours. Of items that you may not normally order but will notably enjoy. Of tasty entrees, sides and mains accompanied with the yummiest of cocktails that will leave you happily satisfied. ‘Odyssea City Beach’ has got my tick of approval once again with these beautiful new menu teasers and I look forward to returning to try more of what’s on this enticing menu!


Odyssea City Beach

187 Challenger Parade, City Beach WA 6015

Phone:     (08) 9385 7979