A guide to returning to your gym/studio after Covid-19

A guide to returning to your gym/studio after Covid-19

After months of wearing track pants, you’re getting ready to enjoy a night out at a bar and go to put on your favourite pair of jeans but find you can’t get the zipper up! FEAR NOT! As of Saturday June 6th, fitness centres across WA will reopen after nearly 10 weeks of closure and I’ve got some hot tips to get you ready!

When our beloved fitness centres closed at the end of March, the fitness community panicked over how to maintain an exercise regime. Online workouts were introduced as a way for studios to provide their clients with a way of staying connected. Even the most diligent of us, with the best intentions to do these at home workouts, at some point (let’s be honest we lasted a couple of weeks at most) gave into the calling of binge-worthy series on Netflix. The, “I need to work out”, became, “I’ll do my workout while simultaneously watching TV”, which became, “who is the Tiger King?!”, and finally, “I just wasted 8 hours of my life #noregrets”. Suddenly two and a half months have flown by and the dumb bells and skipping rope that you had to scramble to buy at K-mart have gathered a layer of dust. Good news, the dust can settle as our fearless leader Mark McGowen allows the doors of the fitness Industry to re-open this weekend!

After 11 long weeks of closure, there doesn’t appear to be much hesitation from the fitness community in Perth to return to their training. Owners of LA Fit, Jaye Cuypers and Claire Chidgzey, relaunched with a reduced schedule anticipating a gradual return from members. With 66 of the 107 pre-COVID classes on the schedule already 85% booked out, they are adding more with demand. “These numbers certainly suggest that members are eager to get back into to an in-studio experience.” Claire said.

Megaformer class at LAfit Studio

However, for anyone who is concerned about their safety (especially in an environment that encourages sweating and heavy breathing), rest assured that measures are in place for members protection. The key to minimising risk, is minimising interaction and shared equipment. Husband and wife team and owner operators of F45 Training Booragoon affirmed that, “the health and safety of our members, coaching team and community are of utmost importance to move forward in the right direction”. Kate and Nick Noel have successfully launched F45 Circuit which offers the same F45 Training experience that F45ers know and love. “The difference”, Kate explained, “is that each member has their own taped off area to ensure social distancing rules of 1.5 meters, as well as each member having their own equipment to use for the duration of their workout. Equipment is then disinfected at the end of each class.” Other businesses are also finding their own innovative ways to step up to the challenge of protecting their community. Shawn Taylor, director of YOGALAB in Fremantle, is installing a state of the art fresh air exchanger on top of contactless booking procedures, limited class capacity, and increased sanitising before and after class.

YOGALAB have safety measures for your protection

The onus of safety is not only on the gyms and studios themselves to provide protection, but on the members as well. The guidelines are simple: avoiding making physical contact with others, bring a sweat towel, clean equipment after use and stay home if you feel unwell. That said, let’s now talk about HOW you should approach getting back into your fitness regime.

You’re eager to hit that gym floor and hit it hard, we can all relate, however, before you go in and smash your body at 110% to make up for lost time, take a moment to consider what the fitness professionals recommend. For those of us who have done little to no exercise during Isolation, and even for those who have done exercise but perhaps a different kind to your regular, the advice from LAfit studio is to “BE KIND. Be kind to yourself and listen to your body. It’s been 8 weeks since we’ve taken you through an intense Lagree Fitness workout so you are going to feel it!” This sentiment was echoed by YOGALAB director Shawn Taylor, “Come back and ease your way back into your practice. Your body will tell you everything you need to know.” Kate from F45 Booragoon had more specific recommendations, “after 2 months off training you are likely to pull up sore when starting to exercise again. We recommend easing back into your exercise routine by starting off with 2-3 sessions in the first week and training at a lower intensity. Then slowly build up the sessions and intensity over the following weeks.” To prevent injury and ensure that you can get your pre-rona fitness back, make sure you follow this collective advice. You don’t want to have even more time off because you caused yourself an injury in the first week back, so listen to this collective advice and look after yourself!

Ease back into your exercise routine

Utilise these guidelines to relax any reservations you have about going to the gyms and studios of Perth and to ensure you do so with the safety of yourselves and others in mind 🙂 Don’t be afraid to get out and support the fitness industry who took a big hit during the past few months. The resounding response of studios and gyms across WA is that they cannot wait to have members old and new join together face-to-face. Many studios are offering re-opening deals so keep your eyes out for those and take full advantage! LAfit studio, for example, is offering a ‘Rona Rebound’ 30 Day Pass for $250 (valued at $400)! Now get out there! Get excited, get booking, and get moving again!