If you are a fellow plant-based lover and are among the growing group of vegan foodies, then look no further to find the best new vegan treasures in Perth.

Whether you are after a healthy whole food meal or (believe it or not), after a greasy cheat meal, there is something for you. With so many amazing new places with aesthetic and trendy atmospheres opening, you don’t have to travel far and wide!

Vans Café, Cottesloe

Image: Sautéed broccolini linguine from Vans Cafe

Not only are we seeing new shops pop up, but we are also seeing an influx of popular spots re-doing their menus to make them more inclusive. The bustling Vans café has been around a very long time, however their new vegan menu has just come with lots of vegan options like a delicious hawker roll and the egg plant and ginger dumplings.

The Globe Hotel, Perth City

Image: Vegan loaded hotdog from The Globe

Not all vegan dining is in a cute and quiet trendy café or restaurant, with the oldest pub in Perth paving the way for Vegan dining in pubs. It can be hard to find a pub that doesn’t just serve chicken parmis and steak. With small bites like sweet and spicey cauliflower as an alternative for the classic chicken tenders and even a pub favourite vegan cheeseburger option to get your treat-meal fix, you can enjoy a beer and a meal with ease.

Mother, Fremantle

Image: Vegan maple & wattleseed whiskey sours from Mother Fremantle

Formerly named The Raw Kitchen, Mother in Fremantle has opened and in a big way. This restaurant is all the rage at the moment with the delicious menu and amazing scenery. The atmosphere is perfect for a date or dinner with friends with beautiful lights and interiors. with attendance numbers booming. It has a really great little shop connected to it, with sustainability being a key value for the business.

Flora & Fauna, Northbridge

Image: Banana Bread from Flora & Fauna

If you ask almost any vegan what café’s they recommend in Perth, chances are they will include Flora and Fauna. This quaint café in the heart of the City is a convenient location and a great place to catch up with a friend on the run or have a nice healthy banana bread or apple crumble breakfast to start your day!

Lord of the Fries, Perth City

Image: Vegan burgers, hotdogs, chips, and shakes from Lord of the Fries

This classic fast food restaurant is a great place to get your cheat food fix, and best of all its vegan! There is a great separate list with crazy things like the peanut butter and jam Beyond Burger, a great meat replacement with lots of iron, and the classic chips with many sauce options like mango chutney. The 100% vegan mac and cheese balls are also a crowd pleaser.

Ten Acre Block, Perth City

Image: Glazed dessert king figs, house-made coconut yoghurt namelaka, pistachio and raspberry textures from Ten Acre Block

Ten Acre Block is easily Perth’s most high-end vegan restaurant, the first of it’s kind in Australia. If you are planning a nice function or event, or simply want to treat yourself, this is the place to go. The culturally diverse menu is packed with flavour with the Chinese radish cake and the Revani semolina cake. Though fancy, the prices are not excessive with everything on the A La Carte menu ranging from $8 starters to $29 mains. It would be the perfect classy Mother’s Day outing for 2021.

Dfrent Café, Vic Park

Image: Beetroot gnocchi tossed through a sage beurre noissette sauce with homemade cashew cream and crumbled fetta from Dfrent Cafe

Dfrent café has a cruelty free outlook and a flavour packed diverse menu perfect for a wholesome outing to leave you smiling. With a homely feel and customer service to match they are building quite the group of loyal customers. They have a modern cuisine with green pancakes and sweet potato gnocchi, sure to rock your tastebuds.

Roho Bure, Leederville

Image: Vegan ice cream cone from Roho Bure – they also do cakes!

I can guarantee this place will make you whip out your Instagram to take a foodie-story, and they taste as good as they look. This cute little ice cream boutique is delicious and has a fully guilt-free selection of ice-creams that are sugar-free, dairy-free, gluten-free and vegan. They are all made in small batches and with organic ingredients making it the green way to enjoy dessert. They also have some great cakes like the Rhubarb Rose Heart Cake that would be perfect for Mother’s Day.

Get Chunky, Mt Lawley and Vic Park

Image: Cherry Ripe cookie with chocolate ice-cream and sweet shredded coconut from Get Chunky

With two locations, this fast-growing cookie shop has become a Perth favourite. As if these indulgent cookies couldn’t get any better, there are an array of vegan options, so no one misses out! With vegan s’mores and dairy-free ice cream flavours like chocolate, the options are endless. Choose your base and add toppings to your hearts content!

More people are making the choice to eat vegan food whether its a lifestyle or a one off, and it has never been easier. Next time you are on the hunt for a great place to grab some food try one of the great vegan places Perth has to offer, your body will thank you for it and so will the environment.

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Feature Image: Mother Fremantle